How to get a free YouTube Premium subscription

YouTube Premium removes ads and allows you to download videos and listen to music in the background. Here’s how to get a free subscription.

YouTube is currently a very popular service, used by almost everyone – from children to the elderly. YouTube Premium subscription makes it even more convenient. It will be especially useful for those who actively watch videos and listen to music on YouTube from mobile devices.

In Ukraine, the YouTube Premium subscription will cost 99 hryvnias per month. However, not everyone knows that it can be tried for free. We will tell you how to get YouTube Premium for free below.

What features does YouTube Premium subscription have

As mentioned above, a paid YouTube subscription has several advantages. Among them:

  • Absence of advertising inserts in the clips.
  • Offline mode.
  • Access to the YouTube Music service.
  • Background mode for watching videos on iOS and Android.

All of these options work on any device and platform – it can be a smartphone, computer or TV.

How to get a free YouTube Premium subscription

  1. Open the YouTube Premium page.
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Click the “Try for free” button.
  4. Check the “Add a payment card” box.
  5. Click “Buy”.
  6. Enter your payment card details.

When adding payment data, you can specify a virtual card of any Ukrainian bank. It is important that the balance on the card is positive. 30-40 hryvnias is enough. After adding new payment data, the service will automatically deduct about 1 dollar. After a while it will come back to your card. This is done to check the solvency.

Free tariff is valid from one to two months. Times may vary depending on the date you sign up for a Goolge account and the region.

How else you can get a free YouTube Premium subscription

Subscribers of mobile operator Vodafone can also get two months of free YouTube Premium subscription. The “package” also includes the Video PASS service. Under the latter, the owners of iPhone and Android smartphones are provided with unlimited traffic for Apple Music, YouTube, YouTube Music and a number of other services.

Learn more about this offer on the operator’s official website.

However, it is important to remember that only users who have never subscribed to YouTube Premium, YouTube Music or Google Play Music for free in the past can get YouTube Premium.