7 Most interesting pyramids of the world

Ancient temples, alien artifacts, the first calendars – such bizarre assumptions about the purpose of buildings are put forward by people.

Most people know about the complex of such buildings in Egypt, the existence of others is known only to specialists. We have selected the most interesting pyramids of the world, we are in a hurry to introduce our readers to them.

Grandiose buildings, over which even time has no power, attract researchers and just lovers from all over the world.

Pyramid of Cheops, Egypt

The pyramid of Cheops is known to almost everyone. The only surviving wonder of the world is located in Egypt. The grandiose building impresses with its size and history. Modern estimates say that the structure is almost 5,000 years old. At a time when most people had not yet switched from hunting and gathering, buildings were already rising in the Nile Valley that have survived to this day.

The initial height was more than 146 meters, although time did not spare her either. The building failed to survive in its original form; today its height is 138.7 meters. Impressive figures, especially if you remember that until the XIV century AD, it was the tomb of Cheops that was the tallest building on planet Earth.

Pyramid of Cestius, Italy

Rome actively traded with Egypt, exchanged culture. It is not surprising that such an architectural form as a pyramid penetrated into the Eternal City. The building was erected at the intersection of two major roads that existed at that time. The building was intended for the burial of Gaius Cestius Epulon, a Roman judge who lived in the 1st century BC.

Ancient concrete was used as the building material, while marble and brick were chosen for the exterior cladding. As a result, the tomb looks like a modern building. The height of the building is not so impressive, only 36.4 meters.

It is interesting that for a long time the entrance to the tomb was disguised, which gave rise to various legends. It has even been suggested that here is the tomb of Rem, the founder of the city.

Pyramids of the Nubian Desert

It was here, in the now lifeless Nubian desert, that most of the pyramids were built. The number just detected reaches 220, which is twice the rate of Egypt. Researchers say there could be many other structures under the sands.

Unfortunately, most of the monuments have been looted, so it is difficult for scientists to study amazing buildings.

Greek pyramids

On the territory of Hellas, such tombs appeared in the 28th century BC. The buildings are covered with numerous legends, and they themselves are located on the famous Peloponnese peninsula. At first, it was suggested that these and Egyptian buildings were related, but later studies disproved the hypothesis. The too remote location of the Greek structures suggests that the authors did not suspect the existence of Egypt.

Interestingly, one Greek pyramid is older than the most ancient Egyptian. Perhaps this is the first such building on planet Earth.

Pyramid of Kukulkan, Mexico

The temple of Kukulkan is located in the city of Chichen Itza, famous for its numerous legends about its authors. If most other similar buildings are tombs, then in this case we are talking about a real temple.

The building reaches a height of 24 meters, it is precisely oriented to the cardinal points. It is interesting that the building was not only a temple, but also the oldest material embodiment of the mythological calendar of the Mayan people.

Pyramid Huaca Huallamarca, Peru

The tomb was built in the 4th century AD, located near the modern city of Lima. It is interesting that the building was discovered only at the end of the 20th century, until then it was hidden by the ground.

Unusual decorations that were found in the tomb. There is no gold here, but there are household items, children’s toys.

Pyramids of Kailash, Tibet

On the sacred mountain Kailash is the largest complex of pyramids. Interestingly, the mountain itself reaches a height of 6,700 meters, and man-made buildings are located on the slopes or in the vicinity of Kailash.

There are many amazing buildings and examples of architectural heritage on planet Earth. We have listed the most interesting pyramids in the world that have survived to this day.