10 Biggest cities on the planet

The overpopulation of the planet has recently reached a maximum. Never before has so many people lived on Earth. Every year, more and more cities are being built, expanding sideways and even upward.

So which places on the planet have the most people? Here are 10 of the largest cities in the world!

Chongqing – 30.7 million

And the title of the largest city in the world went to China’s Chongqing again. More than 30.7 million people live on its territory (the largest in China). However, most of the population lives outside the urbanized area of the city.

Chongqing emerged more than 3 thousand years ago and since then has become a very developed city. The financial, cultural, political, and transport centers of the PRC are concentrated in it.

Shanghai – 24 million

Finally, the second largest city in China is Shanghai. It is not surprising that many cities in China are on this list, as this country boasts a population of 1.3 billion.

The city is the world’s largest seaport and is also considered the financial center of China. At the moment, the population of Shanghai is 24 million people

Karachi – 23.5 million

Surprisingly, the third most populous city is Karachi. It is located in the south of Pakistan and is the largest city in the country. It is hard to believe that back in the early 18th century it was a small fishing village, and now it has 23.5 million people.

Karachi is considered the largest port, cultural, financial, political center of the country. It also has the best higher education in the Islamic world.

Beijing – 21.7 million

China’s third most populous city is its capital. More than 21.7 million people live in Beijing, which is located in the central part of the country.

This area was also inhabited by people several millennia ago, and the city of Beijing itself was the largest city in the world from the 15th to the beginning of the 19th century. Now it is the cultural and political center of the country, as well as China’s most important transportation hub.

Mumbai – 15.4 million

This city in the west of India is the largest in the country. Mumbai used to be called Bombay, so its inhabitants are still called Bombayites. Curiously enough, Mumbai and the cities around it form an urban agglomeration of 28.8 million people. The city itself is home to 15.4 million people in India.

Istanbul – 15 million

This largest city in Turkey has an ancient history. It used to be called Byzantium and Constantinople and has always been the center of the territory, no matter who owned it.

Istanbul was the capital of four ancient empires and to this day is the most important city in Turkey. Currently, more than 15 million people live in Istanbul.

Guangzhou – 14 million

This city is the third most populous city in China. Guangzhou used to be called Canton and is still the capital of Guangdong Province.

The history of this city goes back more than 2 thousand years, it is among the 24 ancient Chinese cities with a rich history. Currently, Guangzhou is home to more than 14 million people.

Lagos – 13.7 million

This city is located in Nigeria and is the largest not only in the country, but in all of Africa. The city itself is home to 13.7 million people, and the urban agglomeration is home to another 21.3 million.

The area was discovered in the 15th century and then was the center of the slave trade for several centuries. Now Lagos is one of the most developed cities in Nigeria.

Tokyo – 13.7 million

This city is the heart of Japan, its capital, political, economic, cultural and industrial center. Officially, Tokyo has the status of one of the country’s prefectures with a population of 13.7 million people. Tokyo is also home to the government of Japan and the ancient imperial palace.

Tianjin – 13.2 million

This city is located in North China and has a population of over 13.2 million people. The urban agglomeration of Tianjin is the third largest in China. The city is the center of light and heavy industry, as well as an important element of the Chinese economy.

All of these cities are major world centers and play an important role in the development of the world.