How to quickly remove bags under the eyes: doctor’s advice

The appearance of bags under the eyes due to fatigue and poor sleep – an unpleasant situation, but correctable. There are really working express methods that will help cope with puffiness under the eyes.

If the bags under the eyes appeared from fatigue and are not a symptom of any chronic diseases or a congenital feature, then they can be removed fairly quickly. So, you need to get up, walk around, jump in place for one minute. This will help to establish the lymph flow.

Then you should wash your face, always with cold water, at the same time massaging the face – from the center to the periphery (stroking the skin from the nose to the temples).

The final step is to apply cold compresses on the eyes. You do not need to use eye patches for this. It is enough to take cotton pads, wet them with cold water and apply them. With the help of cold you will reduce the flow of blood and lymph, which helps to eliminate puffiness under the eyes.