What are there and how to choose an eyebrow pencil

Eyebrows are considered one of the main elements of the visual image; stylish and well-groomed, they add completeness and sophistication to the image. Thick and beautiful eyebrows have become one of the main makeup trends lately. That is why eyebrow pencils have become a real discovery in the cosmetics industry.

Eyebrow pencils allow you to:

  • visually increase the volume;
  • give eyebrows shape and thickness;
  • make them brighter and more saturated;
  • cover deficiencies in the form.

Types of eyebrow pencils

There are a large number of different products in this category of goods on the market. Knowing the main types will help you choose the right eyebrow pencil:

  1. Liquid– allow you to get a natural look of eyebrows, as they are easy to apply, smear well and do not leave noticeable marks.
  2. Wax– dense texture allows you to draw clearer contours and get straight lines. Perfect for girls with thick eyebrows.
  3. Eyebrow fitness pencils are high-tech pencils with complex properties. They allow you to strengthen, care and moisturize your eyebrows while giving them the desired shape.
  4. With a built-in brush – help create a more natural look for eyebrows. The brush, located at the end of the pencil, allows you to comb your eyebrows and give them light volume.

Choosing an eyebrow pencil

Choosing the right eyebrow pencil will help you look beautiful and attractive. An important factor will be the shape and color of the pencil.


A pencil with a pointed tip is great for creating fine dots and lines, but for long, straight lines, choose one with a wider, more angular tip.


The color of the pencil should be selected taking into account the color of the eyebrows and hair color. If your hair is bright, then you need to choose a darker shade. For mixed shades, pencils with a combined color are useful.

Makeup artist tips:

  • Before using an eyebrow pencil, it is recommended to brush them with a brush to remove excess makeup and comb the hairs in the desired direction.
  • Eyebrows should be filled in with a pencil in the direction of hair growth to avoid the appearance of noticeable lines.
  • If you have difficulty choosing the right pencil color, it is better to choose lighter shades to avoid bright and unnatural eyebrows.
  • Store your eyebrow pencil in a cool, dry place to avoid loss of quality and appearance.
  • To create a more natural-looking brow, you can use a pencil of different shades and apply it in different places on the eyebrows to create volume and depth.
  • If your eyebrows are too thick or sparse, you can use an eyebrow pencil with a tattoo effect, which will help create the ideal shape and cover imperfections.

Conclusion. Eyebrow pencils are an indispensable assistant in creating a beautiful and well-groomed look. When choosing an eyebrow pencil, you should take into account the characteristics of the pencil, shape and color. But don’t forget that a properly selected eyebrow pencil will help give your eyebrows the desired and stylish look.